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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

VAWA Update

Earlier today the US House of Representatives announced it would be taking up the Senate's version of VAWA for a vote instead of the proposed limited version put forward by House Republicans. This means that the Senate's version of the bill will be brought to the floor for debate and amendments. It has also been stated that as an alternative to the Senate bill the more limited version will be voted on as an amended version. This means that the Republican proposal may still be passed, but only if the Senates bill, and any added ammendments, is not passed itself. This is a BIG DEAL people!

Not only will lesbians and transwomen be included under the bill but it also give Native Americans the right to prosecute those who abuse Native American women on their land. One point of contention is whether or not this particular section is constitutional or not. Some Republicans hold the position that it isn't. I have not looked into it so I will refrain from commenting (however you can find more on this topic here).

For more information on VAWA and what it does: Click Here and Here

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