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Saturday, March 16, 2013

White People Are Being Systematically Disenfranchised

The Conservative Political Action Committee (CPAC) was a source of great controversy on Friday. Apparently after a presentation called 'Trump the Race Card', given by K. Carl Smith of the Frederick Douglass Republicans, an attendee commented on how he was proud of his people (white, southern) and how he feels they are being 'disenfranchised' (as well as some other very astonishing things). See the video below:

Ok lets start off with addressing that he studies literature. Now I'm not trying to say that is bad. In fact I actually think it makes sense that studying literature he would come to appreciate a white male dominated narrative. He makes it very clear from the beginning that he is Southern, and I'm betting most of what he studies are works written by white males. So at least that clarification makes me seem to understand why he makes some of the statements he does.

This man's first statement is that he is proud of his heritage. And you know there are ways that one can be proud of their heritage where it is not offensive or patriarchal, but he makes sure that it is the white male southern heritage that he is proud of. This heritage has a highly visible history of being intolerant towards 'other' groups; be it women, people of color, homosexuals, etc. But he is proud of this heritage.

Next this man, Scott Terry, claims that he feels his demographic is being systemically disenfranchised. It's an interesting claim that seems to hinge upon one's subjective viewpoint of the situation (maybe?). I guess in Scott's eyes, by giving more power to these minorities and effectively lessening the power 'his demographic' has over such minorities we are disenfranchising them. He seems to be trying to play the victim, which doesn't make sense to me.

Scott Terry

The part of the video that really gets to me the most is when Terry claims that slaves should have been thankful to their owner's for giving them food and shelter. Now, I have seen some of these 'shelters' been on plantations, been inside the slave quarters. They were incredibly small and housed a large number of people for such a small space. And they should be thankful their master provided them with food?

The reason this gets to me so much is because that slaves were given such things not out of kindness, not because they were considered people (remember at the time they were considered 3/5 a person merely so that slave owners could have more voting power), but because they were tools. They were property, that unless minimally maintained would cause for a loss of profits. Now I won't say all slave owner's were terrible but even if they weren't why should a person be thankful for being bought and sold; for having zero rights and to be forced to work? Yes they got somewhere to eat and sleep, but thats does not cancel out the complete dehumanization of an entire people or individuals, nor is it deserving of thanks when it was done for the owner's benefit.

Apparently these weren't the only controversial things Terry had to say. At the end of the engagement he muttered under his breath, "why can't we just have segregation?" He even continued to say he would be fine with an America where blacks were permanently subservient to whites. When a woman challenged his views of the Republican Party's roots he said, "I didn’t know the legacy of the Republican Party included women correcting men in public.”

Some people really just need reality checks and need to learn how to respect others.

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